First, let me explain what makes SAFE 2 SAVE so successful in changing behavior and why this is important to society and business owners. There are many ways to share coupons with nearby potential customers, but direct mail isn’t cost-effective and those delivery methods don’t help address a BIG economy killer: distracted driving. In fact, the reason as a business owner you should pay close attention to this rising issue is it is one of the leading factors that consumers aren’t coming into your place of business. The roads are too congested, people don’t want to deal with other drivers, which also means pedestrians and cyclists are significantly less likely to walk through and check out your business. Yet, in communities where streets are safer to all, commerce has been shown to increase up to 30% which means it is imperative that we all come together to make our streets safer. 

What makes SAFE 2 SAVE so successful in changing behavior to address these issues? It starts with our partners and our users simultaneously coming together. Our partners reward safe driving behavior with freebies and other perks, which in turn is rewarding users when they drive safely and undistracted. Rewards help rewire the brain, this rewiring process is critical to overcoming screen overuse and screen addictive behaviors that are exhibited across generations. The pay off for our rewards partners is that freebies and rewards also win over new customers and increase brand loyalty. Offering free enticing samples to SAFE 2 SAVE users works to generate the most sales for your business. Giovanni DeMeo of the product demonstration company Interactions, a department of which handles Costco’s free samples, insists that the short-term spike in sales isn’t the only effect of product sampling that matters—it’s great for making customers loyal to stores and brands over longer periods of time—the figures are impressive. Free samples have boosted sales in some cases by as much as 2,000%!

COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns have dramatically impacted business, lockdowns have also led to an increase in risky decision making. In fact, since the lockdowns, there has been a 38% increase in cell phone use while driving. Now is the time to drive change, end distracted driving, grow your business, and overcome the setbacks. 

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