Reward Safe Driving for Your Employees and Their Families

Introducing SAFE 2 SAVE PRO

What is SAFE 2 SAVE PRO? It is a mobile app that helps your employees and their families develop safer driving habits by rewarding them to put their mobile devices down while driving. Every 15 minutes someone is killed in a car crash and a driver is 23 times more likely to crash when texting. Do not let your employees be another statistic. SAFE 2 SAVE PRO is here to keep your employees and their families safe but in a fun, rewarding way!

What happens when you combine COVID, economic uncertainty, phone addiction and a changing work environment? You end up with very distracted employees! And it doesn't end when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Distractions increase car crashes & liability. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting while driving is 6 times more likely to cause a crash than driving when intoxicated. Regardless if you have experienced regular fender bender claims or a verdict like JC Fodale Energy for $43.5 million dollars, we owe it to our employees to keep them safe.

As leaders, our goal is for our employees to make it home to their families safely and arrive back to work in the same condition that they left.

SAFE 2 SAVE PRO is a mobile solution proven to reduce distracted driving up to 21%. Our solution reminds, scores and rewards employees not to text and drive. It is unique and easy to deploy because there is no hardware to install. Our rewards platform motivates employees to use it on their personal phone and in their vehicle. It can be customized to work within your organization including a dashboard, company store or recognition program.

Invest in Safety Now!



  • Turbo charge your points! SAFE 2 SAVE PRO lets your employees earn points faster and have access to VIP rewards.
  • Reinforce your safety culture with inter-company safe driving competitions and access to online safety training.
  • Track employee driving score and their weekly improvement on an optional company dashboard (Example HERE)
  • Better communicate with your employees via our in-app messaging on their work and personal phones.
  • Improve retention & morale with rewards from top retailers like Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen or la Madeleine.
  • Save lives! Lower workers comp and insurance premiums by minimizing employee car crashes.

Sample Dashboard (Optional)


  • Invite employees and their families to download the SAFE 2 SAVE app.
  • Provide employees with a SAFE 2 SAVE PRO activation code.
  • Use the app every day to earn points for safe driving.
  • Redeem points at retailers or for company merchandise.
  • Stay safe and be rewarded!


Enterprise Package


Monitor the driving patterns of your employees

  • SAFE 2 SAVE Family Subscription
  • Company Dashboard with Employee Driving Metrics
  • Dedicated Account Advocate to Offer Additional Competitions, Trainings, and Technical Support


We are here to help answer your questions.

How do I get started offering company benefits on the app?
Can you help me set up our company rewards?
We have a hard time getting our employees to utilize their existing benefits. How would you get our employees to join the program?
We currently use telematics for our company drivers, why would we need SAFE 2 SAVE?

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Case Studies

Hear what people are saying about SAFE 2 SAVE PRO!

Boost employee engagement and reduce overhead costs.

The SAFE 2 SAVE Pro technology can be used by employees in any vehicle at any time or place and can be shared with their family and friends keeping them engaged in the program.

Employees Loved the Rewards!

1y ago
Randall B., HR Manager

"The three employees who logged the most miles driven via the SAVE 2 SAVE app loved receiving an Instant Pot®. Each of them have long commutes, and the Instant Pot® will help them to eat healthier meals at home."

Offer real benefits and access to real local rewards.

The SAFE 2 SAVE Pro platform rewards good driver behavior with added company perks whether your employees are on or off the clock, statistically leading to longer lasting behavioral change.

Policies Backed By Rewards and Consequences Work

2mo ago
Brian F., CEO

"Safety is not a cost it’s an investment. If you ever think safety is expensive, then think about the cost of an incident. It may be that you can’t do everything at once, but build an action plan and work on it. If you ignore it, then you will be extinct."

Be the change in your community that makes it a safer place to live.

The SAFE 2 SAVE Pro program is making a difference in communities. This is an employee rewards program that includes their outside sphere of influence.

Fantastic App!

1y ago
Clint W., GM

"SAFE 2 SAVE gives us an opportunity to positively impact our city and the surrounding county. We lost 4 teens this year due to someone choosing to scroll through Facebook and text while driving. With a population our size, that is a lot of grief our town has had to go through."


We are committed to ending distracted driving. With your help we can make a bigger impact.

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