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Reach a New Market.

With 85,000 users, SAFE 2 SAVE will help your business branch out beyond its current clientele. As users scroll through the app for deals, your business or service receives attention. Participating businesses are also featured in social media channels, press, printed materials, and at distracted driving awareness events! Target demographic is 18-50 year olds which helps you reach a market that is typically hard to reach with traditional advertising.

Track Your Investment.

You are investing in your business as you partner with SAFE 2 SAVE, and we are confident you will see a return on your investment. For that reason, we offer you the tools you need to measure your progress, including a powerful dashboard with your business’s data. Find out who you are reaching, traffic to your website, and helpful data on what kind of shoppers are interested in your business.

Promote Safer Roads in Your Community.

Through participation on the SAFE 2 SAVE app you can make a difference in your local area by promoting driving without texting. Everyone benefits when people drive with less distractions. The app is designed for a user to quickly engage the app before driving to earn points to use at your business.

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