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After a student lost his life from a driver texting in College Station, Marci Corry decided to initiate a change to prevent such a devastating tragedy from ever happening again.

She confessed that she was guilty of picking up the phone while driving to check a text or read an email, putting other lives at risk. The more she paid attention, she also noticed people were constantly on their phones in the car, dining at restaurants or even at their kid’s games.

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To start earning rewards today for driving safely, download the free SAVE 2 SAVE app in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Expand Your Company’s Reach

“I love the SAFE 2 SAVE app and what it promotes. I truly hope that together we can all make our roads safer for our community. The app does so much for its users and partners, by promoting safe driving, expanding your customer base, and creating a type of loyalty to the businesses on the app. We are so excited to be a part of creating a safer environment for our community.”

Heather Garvin – Tea2GO - Midland

Stats About Distracted Driving

Distraction is Deadly

Estimated number of drivers using devices while driving every day


John Smith

Waco, TX

My 8 year old daughter is one the biggest advocates of SAFE 2 SAVE. When we get in the car, she always reminds me of 2 things! She’ll say Dad, put your seat belt on. Then without hesitation she asks for my phone, and turns on the app. A few years ago we were on our way home and saw a wreck happen in front of us. Ever since then she’s been vigilant about car safety and she makes sure that we are using SAFE 2 SAVE. She also chooses where we use our points.

Alonzo Llanes

Bryan, TX

SAFE 2 SAVE is a great app and rewards people for doing the things they’re supposed to already do!

Heather Goodson

The Woodlands, TX

I was driving my kids to school, checked a few texts and didn’t even realize that I drove through an intersection. I looked back and saw my children’s faces and thought to myself that it wasn’t worth it to put them in danger by being a distracted driver.

Britt McGee

College Station, TX

Love SAFE 2 SAVE! Keeps me in check as I’m consistently on the road for work- of course with the added bonus of earning deals at my favorite restaurants!