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Be part of a movement that rewards users for undistracted driving and delivers loyal customers.



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Offer Rewards Through SAFE 2 SAVE

The app drives new customers, grows revenue + increases brand loyalty for businesses.

Say hello to new customers.

SAFE 2 SAVE connects you to customers who are already spending in your neighborhood. Our users are using the app to choose where to spend for dining, shopping + entertainment.


2y ago

"I am grateful to the businesses who have partnered with this app. When given the choices for family outings or date nights we have consciously chosen businesses who participate in order to utilize the points earned!"

Build brand loyalists.

SAFE 2 SAVE users love to do business with companies that have shared values. Customers are rewarding purpose-led businesses with their hard-earned loyalty.


1y ago

"This app is a must-have! I have saved money at all my favorite restaurants and I've been introduced to awesome new ones."

Make your community a safer place to live.

SAFE 2 SAVE is making a difference in cities. Studies show that rewards for positive choices create lasting behavior change. We can all play a role in ending distracted driving.

Fantastic App!

1y ago

"I've been using this app for a year now and absolutely love it! It's really helped me to change my bad habit of texting and driving and I love that I get prizes for doing something that I should be doing anyway."

Base Package

$50 / Month

Everything you need to meet new customers + drive sales through SAFE 2 SAVE.

  • Rewards on App
  • Team Support + Training
  • Business Introduction to Social Media + Email Followers
  • Marketing Materials with Instructions
  • Highlighted Placement in App
  • Paid Social Media Ads in Target Demographics
  • Enhanced Dashboard Experience
  • Geofencing Pop-Up to App Users


Use SAFE 2 SAVE's custom dashboard to see counts of new and repeat customers, set up and modify rewards, view user activity with your business + get to know your customers.

  • Change rewards + photos in real-time.
  • View impactful market data about your customers.
  • Drive successful marketing decisions.

See a Demo Dashboard

"I love that we're impacting students. I love that we're impacting families ... The school participation is unequivocal."

Cindi Ferguson

"To be able to offer a reward at your restaurant for doing something that means something to people...I think it's a no-brainer to choose SAFE 2 SAVE."

Adam Garza
Houston Pizza Venture

"SAFE 2 SAVE brings in people that didn't even know about us and they keep coming back."

Scott Logan
Grand Station

"Ever since we've been using SAFE 2 SAVE we've been packed, especially during non-peak times...It just fills up our tables!"

Madden's Casual Gourmet

"Restaurants like SAFE 2 SAVE because they can give back to the community, bring awareness for this issue...its helping them to bring in new customers and higher ticket sales as well."

Amanda Garcia
San Antonio Restaurant Association

More Ways to Get Involved


We can help you build community + educate your team about safe driving practices through in-app competitions.

  • Competitions are easy to implement + manage.
  • Reward your employees for making safe driving choices.
  • Your business can have an impact on ending distracted driving in your community.
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We are committed to ending distracted driving. With your help we can make a bigger impact.

Learn about our Company Mission.


We are here to help answer your questions.

How do I get started as a business on the app?
Can you help me set up my business profile and rewards?
Can I have more than one location or business on the app?
How can I sponsor prizes for a large SAFE 2 SAVE competition in my city?

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  • We will use the information you submit to tell you about partnership opportunities and provide other updates. By submitting the form, you agree to the Terms of Use.