Words From an HR Manager at Baylor University

“The SAFE 2 SAVE competition was a fun way to promote safe driving to faculty and staff. The three employees who logged the most miles driven via the SAFE 2 SAVE app loved receiving an Instant Pot®. Each of them have long commutes, and the Instant Pot® will help them to eat healthier meals at home.”

Randall Brown, Human Resources Manager

Words From an Employer

“The competition was fun and we increased the excitement by giving prizes away each week to the person with the most points. The app was easy to use and we could check who was in the lead. At the end we had them all come together to present the prizes to the winners So much fun!”

Betty Gibson, Human Resources Specialist

Words From A High School Principal

“Our competition went very well. We were looking for a way to encourage students to change their actual habits. We didn’t want to focus on shock or scare tactics that would eventually just wear off. SAFE 2 SAVE worked for us because our kids were motivated by the chance to earn items they actually wanted and to get those prizes they had to change their driving and texting habits every day."

Beth Aycock, Principal at Salado High School


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